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and government offices across the d.c. region are closed today. >> if you have to take mass transit, you have to find another way to get in. amtrak canceled its northeast corridor service. other local mass transit systems are planning to shut down today. >> all three d.c. area airports will stay open. they have already cancelled hundreds of flights out of dull es bwi and national airport. be sure to call ahead if you have a flight. she continues our team coverage. we are talking about traces of rain already. >> absolutely. good morning to you. the biggest concern was going to be storm surge. they will continue to monitor that over the next 24. the water coming over the sea wall. that is the concern. we are at 17th and the boardwalk. anything south of that is part of the mandatory evacuation zone. they have to get out of here as quickly as possible. the wind has been whipping hard this morning. this is not the beginning of what we are going to feel in ocean city. the water is now coming closer. this is something we have been monitoring. we are the brink of the area they are evaluating. they ar
. on wednesday a gas main broke sparking several fires. the president told victims the government was there for them and he would not tolerate any red tape. >> i can promise you the federal government will be working as closely as possible with local officials and we will not quit until this is done. >> in new york there are some signs of progress. parts of the subway is running today. amtrak will star running trains in and out of new york on friday. >> on tuesday cynthia lopez was working with a tree removal company when the huge tree fell right on top of her. -- a tree fell right on top of him. >> i think he has children. >> there appears to be an accident the health and occupational safety department is reviewing the incident. sandy is responsible for 74 deaths nationwide. nobody in d.c. has been killed so far. >> coming up, a worry for those who work >> welcome back. it is 4:07 ran out. >> it is 46 degrees. a little warmer than yesterday. our air is dry air, which means it will allow a little more sunshine and trying to peak in today. we have 40 at dulles. gaithersburg at 43 d
state. >> i can promise you that the federal government will be working as closely as possible with the state and local officials. and we will not quit until this is done. >> reporter: and then, there was halloween. many towns decided to postpone it. but some were not deterred. on long island, superheros and cats were out. and in new york city, even with the power out, trick-or-treaters took to the street. and within just a few hours, all three of new york's major airports will be back online, with la guardia beginning at least partial service at 7:00 a.m. this morning. rob? sunny? >> good news there, too. and in terms of the gridlock here in new york city. traffic very heavy as the mass transit system gets up and running. what about the scarcity of gasoline for commuters? >> reporter: that's a really big problem because everyone's trying to get into the city. and one of the things, they also need gas to get around and get back out. we're hearing reports of long lines at gasoline stations. sometimes stretching all around the block, where new york city police officers have to co
this morning. also, you should note that schools and government offices all across the region closed today again today. >> and you're going to find another way to get to work if you have to go. if you use mass transit, no metrorail or bus service this morning. marc or v.r.e. trains not running. amtrak has cancelled all northeast corridor trains. all flights at the d.c. area's three major airports are cancelled today. we're going to go to ocean city maryland, where the boardwalk, as we mentioned, received extensive damage. >> brianne carter was there throughout the storm and has been following the conditions the past couple of days. how's it looking there this morning? >> hey, brenda? >> all right we're having a little trouble catching one her right now. you can see how breezy it still is out there in ocean city. that's where we started to feel a lot of it. big storm coverage happened up in new york, and that's where they're still having majority of the problems this morning. >> a lot of video we're going to share with you. do we have that video fro
, abc 2 news. >>> most of these look like ghost towns. hust shutdown businesses, shoots and government offices. but many of you have given photographs to us throughout the course of the day yesterday, showing your mail carriers out there hard at work. this one came to us courtesy of beth. we looked at the u.s. postal service website and they will be working again today. neither rain, snow, or dark of night. >> make sure that you thank them. they are working hard. >>> all right. look at this picture. this is the tomb of the unknown soldier. this is dedication army guard stood watch over the tomb. despite the heavy rain and the high winds from hurricane sandy. this photo comes from the u.s. army. the tomb was built after world war 1 to honor the memory of soldiers killed in war. it has been guarded since 1948. >> that is an inspiring image there. so much of our lives were put on hold and stopped yesterday because of hurricane sandy. >> we took forgranted the fact that you can be inside and enjoy that. because a lot of people have to go to work. >>> yes. the storm of the force last night.
out later this morning. the government releases the october employment numbers just four days before the election. a crucial report on wall street and the campaign trail. experts say, look for 125,000 new jobs last month, showing modest growth, with the unemployment rate steady at 7.8%. >>> well, there could be some manmade misery adding to the toll of hurricane sandy. scammers, out to take advantage of folks after the storm. officials are now warning people to watch out for phony charities, fraudulent home repair deals and sellers looking to unload flood-damaged cars. a national hotline for reporting disaster fraud was set up seven years ago, after hurricane katrina. >>> and cell service is getting better for people in the hurricane zone. almost 20% of cell sites in the region are still knocked out. but that's down from 25% a few days ago. >>> and apple's next small thing arrives today. the ipad mini hits stores, minus the worldwide frenzy of some other recent apple rollouts. these customers in tokyo were among the first to get their hands on the tablet this morning. apple is expect
ready to do everything we need to do to make sure the federal government is a full partner in helping the people of maryland in preparation when the storms here and the aftermath. >> as the storm moves in, i think you will see all of lower ocean city under water. this is going to be a waves of 7 to 8 foot height. we have not seen that since back in 1985 with hurricane gloria. >> between the huge rains and all the waves they are seeing in that area, the strong winds no surprise people are leaving because they are being evacuated. officials have orders all around downtown area residents saying they need to leave. governor o'malley says there are about 60 state troopers in ocean city and they are managing the evacuation and assist in emergency response. >>> people along the beaches in delaware are bracing for the hurricane. northbound tolls in delaware were suspended yesterday to speed up the evacuation process. >> christian schaver is in re-- schaeffer isin rehoaght hob it -- rehobeth babying. >> reporter: the -- >> reporter: the beach covers the area all the way back to the san do you
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)